Need crafted items

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Need crafted items

Post by Otherworldly » Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:27 am

Currently in need of

Exceptional Mithril Helm
Exceptional Mithril Chainmail
Exceptional Verdicite Helm
Greater Mortikies Ring (don't have the recipe or lesser ring, recipe was lost in a freak fire-too bad you can't buy fireproof chests in nordock)
Clock of Ages (or whatever it's called, timestop thingy)
Helm of the Gargoyle

I'm not too sure what items there are in the way of tailoring and jewelcrafting, but I need stuff that increases Str/Con/Saves(ref mostly)/AC in that order, preferably ammy's, belts and cloaks as the other items are pretty locked in at the moment.

I may have some or all the crafting mats required for some of these so if that saves you time or me money, pm me first-I'll see what I've got or can get.

Foo, I forget to ask you for things while you're crafting and don't like to bother you with it otherwise, so if you ever have time you're spending doing that and aren't sure what to work on you can refer to this christmas list if you'd like xD

And lastly, Raradra-what would I have to do to get my hands on a deck or few of those decks of chaos you used to be so fond of? Those were fun! Lol
Skald Uffgood
Dante Farblake

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