Original Nordock Guilds and Player Groups

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Original Nordock Guilds and Player Groups

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List of groups that date back to early 2003. Note: These are all player created groups that stuck it out long enough to become an intricate part of Nordock history. If you recall a group or drow house that was at the beginning, after the merge from west/south/east, but before the split into epic/classic, please PM me with the name and any other memory you have of their charter/intent.


Tys'Alisaire Elven Clan - This is a family of pure elves.

First the family name: it is very old and so you will notice that you will not find it in any elven dictionary. It is archaic elven and means " the tree (poplar) of much joy" when translated directly, however, this is an old elven way of referring to the most ancient and revered trees. The pronunciation should be:


Now for the clan itself, they hail from the deepest reaches of the Great Northern Forest, however most of our people left this world not so long ago (explaining the lack of elves nowadays). We few who remained left our forest home and traveled to the lands of the shorter lived races to offer our protection and to extend Bria's blessings to these lands. This is not to say that all who remained are so noble, simply that this was the official reason that these few were allowed to remain.

For Races I suggest you stick with the good old generic elf, or wood elf subrace. Although, some immigration would have taken place throughout the years and so it would not be unheard of to have other subraces from the same clan (just NO drow!). We have alot of racial prejudice against the drow, but still see them as fellow Quessirae (Elves). As such, we would never harm a fellow elf, even a drow, unless they took action against us first. As for other racial interaction, elves are an old race and so should show quite a bit of patience and kindness, but also rarely make lasting friendships with the shorter lived races (once again just a guide).

Obviously, being a woodland elven tribe, we primarily worship Bria the goddess of nature, though we also provide offerings and worship to El'lessar and occassionally to Serena as well. We tend to follow the paths of the wild, such as druids, rangers, and to some extent barbarians and sorcerors. Other occupations are also followed, but are rarer amongst our people. Most of our people are goodly and treasure freedom over nearly anything. (Neutral and Chaotic Goods would be my first choices for alignments, but feel free to choose any, even evil...as long as you have a role playable reason).

Unlike many fanatical sects of Taur'amandil (druids), we believe that a balance between the civilized races and nature can be found...we will hunt, but never for sport and we will never wipe out an entire population of animal from an area (I usually only hunt for food, and even then will often leave many of the animals alive). However, we also see the inherent dangers of having ferocious animals encroach on settlements and so will try to push such animals away from these settlements. By the same token we also have no qualms about chopping wood from trees, though we would never chop down the entire tree...merely cut it's lowest branches for our use so as to keep the tree healthy. Also, we have no qualms about using metals, after all, even these metals are a part of nature...

Shadowborn - Thieves Guild


1. Shadowborn members never reveal thier membership.
2. Shadowborn members never reveal other members identities.
3. Shadowborn Cult is an organization of criminals. Not PP'ers exclusivly.
4. Shadowborn members follow SB PP rules.
5. Shadowborn information network. <-- Forum use*
6. Shadowborn Vault. <-- Forum use for trading PP'd items.
7. PM applications, posting application destroys your anonymity.

*Used for archiving victims and items PP'd, bragging to your SB brothers, and crafting your own historical legacy. Also for successful assasinations, conversations held, and screenshots of incredible moments.

Mith Baruk - Lawful (surface) dwarvin group.

The Mith Baruk Charter.

May the gods of the Morndinsamman bear witness to our covenant. We are the Mith Baruk, a dwarven warband dedicated heart and soul to the cause of justice and the preservation of the dwarven civilization.

We pledge ourselves to:
* The protection of innocent and faithful dwarvenfolks.
* To patrol the dwarven lands and keep them safe from harm.
* Encourage fair trades and excellence in craftings.
* Always act with honor, courage and set a shinning exemple of dwarven virtues.
* Raid the enemies of the dwarvenfolks wherever they constitute a menace.
* Help in the military trainings of the young dwarves.
* To assist the other races of good behavior when they are in danger, even the elves.
* To contribute as possible to increase the warband's treasure hoard.

Conditions of admission.

The Mith Baruk is open to all good dwarves both male and female, provided they abide to the above duties.

Prior to gain access to the Hall and become a full member of the Mith Baruk. A would be member must first be sponsored by a mentor which is an annointed burku of the Mith Baruk. The candidate thus earns the title of samman-burku. He will be called to prove his worth in a number of tasks and trials set by his mentor and the council of the Mith Baruk. When the samman-burku is deemed ready he will be invited in the Halls of the Mith Baruk to take his Vows in a solemn ceremony. He will then be given his ring and introduced in the ranks of the Burkus with full honors.

Those known to be of wicked hearts, to use dishonorable roguish tricks or to wield untrusty arcane powers cannot join the Mith Baruk.

Ranks and functions of the Mith Baruk.

The Mith-Baruk have 2 councils. The Main Council is formed by all the Burkus to discuss about the general issues of the warband. The High-Council is formed by the elected Uzbad and his Zirak-Burkus, they are in charge of the management of the warband as well as taking the most important decisions regarding the Mith Baruk. The elections are done twice a year or when required to fill out the position of a dwarf stepping down from his duties.

These dwarves are not yet Mith Baruks. They are in training and on probation until they earned the right to join the warband. They have no access to the Hall nor to the main council meetings.

Brothers of the Mith-Baruk who earned their ring. They can attend and voice their opinions in the main council meetings. They have access to and have their own room in the Hall. They have a vote in the election of the High-Council and can themselves apply for a position in it. Burkus are welcome to join or organize themselves any official Mith Baruk expeditions.

The title of Gibril-Burku is an honorific title given by the High-Council to veteran members of the Mith-Baruk for some worthy accomplishment. They have the exact same priviledge as any Burkus but may also be called to take the place of one missing Zirak-Burkus on the High-Council if required.

The Zirak-Burkus are the lieutenant of the Uzbad and as such have a seat on the High-Council. They take the most important decisions with the Uzbad. There are always 4 elected Zirak-Burkus numbered from First to Fourth. In the absence of the Uzbad, the First Zirak-Burku assumes the leadership of the high-council. The Fourth and Third Zirak-Burkus positions are reserved to dwarves of the Faith. They will be in charge of the spiritual guidance of the warband and will conduct the religious ceremonies when required.The Second and First Zirak-Burkus will be responsible, along with the Uzbad, with the martial preparations and the more mundane affairs of the Mith Baruk.

The Uzbad is the elected leader of the Mith-Baruk charged to oversee the well-being of the warband. He leads the High-Council with the help of the Zirak-Burkus. If the Uzbad enjoys extensive power he must always bear in mind that he is at the service of his fellow burkus not the way around. Any Uzbad or Zirak-Burkus abusing their powers can be expelled of his position.

Code of conduct.

Aside from the duties previously mentionned. All dwarves of the Mith-Baruk are expected to follow this code of conduct.

* Death before dishonor.
* Honor to all above your station.
* Respect for all peers and equals.
* Reverance to the Gods of the Morndinsamman and to those of other pantheons known to be favorable to the dwarven causes.
* Defense of any charge unto death.
* Scorn for those who are lowly and ignoble.
* On a raid, we leave no dwarves behind.
* Use real melee weapons in battle. Not toys like kamas or rapiers.
* Fight in a proper metal armor. Exceptions are granted to dwarves of monastic traditions and dwarven scouts to which metal armors get in the way of their skills.
* Do not shame yourself in elven-made armors.
* Always use a good sturdy shield in battle unless you use a two-handed weapon.
* Do not shame yourself with an elven-made weapon or with a bow.
* If forced to use a ranged weapon use a proper dwarven crossbow, throwing axes or sling.

The Guildhall of the Mith-Baruk.

The guildhall of the Mith Baruk and the use of its facilities is solely accessible by the burkus who have earned their rings or upon invitation from the high-council. Fellow burkus are expected to abide by the rules of honor and respects toward one another within its walls. Burkus most also make sure to close the maindoor to the Hall when entering or exiting the building.

The sharing of loot.

On any missions were treasures are find the loot is to be divided in equal share among all the members of the expedition along with a share to the treasure hoard of the warband. In the case where a rare and valuable item is found, the members of the expedition will be at a liberty to decide among themselves which burku earns the item or if it is to go to the hoard. Should the burku decide to keep the item, his share of gold will be divided among the other members and the treasury as a compensation to the others.

The treasure hoard.

It is our duty as faithful dwarves to build up and maintain a great treasure hoard for the greater good of our dwarven kins. This treasure hoard will serve to fund the general maintenance costs of the warband, to reward meritant dwarves and most importantly to help the dwarvenfolks in times of dire necessities. The treasure is to be funded with shares of loots made on expeditions and personnal donnations to it. The following rules applies concerning the treasure hoard.

* Any use of any of the gold or items from the treasury can only be authorized by the High-council.
* Gold cannot be borrowed from the treasury.
* The treasure hoard will not serve to pay for the trainings or equipments of the Mith Baruk members.
* Burkus will be able to acquire an item from the hoard on the condition they offer something of superior value in exchange and that the trade is approved by the High-council. The idea being always to increase the treasure hoard value.
* Items that we have only in single exemplar will not be traded.
* Items pertaining to untrusty professions such as wizards or thieves will be collected to keep them out of reach of evil doers but they will not be allowed to be traded.

The appointment of Justice.

Should a burku transgress the rules and the spirit of the Mith Baruk. The Uzbad and his Zirak-Burkus will hold a trial to determine the guilt or innocence of the burku. Should a guilty verdict be delivered a punishment fitting the crime will be applied as much as possible. There will be no death sentences and no matter the verdict the physical integrity of a dwarf will be respected. At worst a burku found guilty of treason will be banished from the warband.

Silent Hand - DM appointed 'guards' good/neutral alignment. Any surface race eligible.

As members of the Silent Hand, we are protectors of the lands and towns. We strive to protect the innocents and uphold the balance, recognizing the need and right for both Good and Evil to exist. We keep the peace in the Towns, preventing fights and arguments in the streets, and making the towns safe for all to walk. We patrol both the townships and the immediate outlying areas to be sure they are realatively safe for travel (keeping high level spawns off the main paths), while making sure we do not attract stronger creatures ourselves.

We offer newcomers assistance, direction and advice. We assist the guardsmen where we can. We mediate disputes where we can, preventing conflict. We have also been used as a neutral court, in service to the Duke. We defend the Towns against all forms of attack. This is paramount. No matter the circumstance, the innocents of the Towns of Nordock are our prime concern.

The Conclave - Magic Users Guild

The Conclave is a guild for mages who believe in sharing their knowledge with and learning from other mages. Not only ingame, but also ont he forums, roleplay will be a very important factor. On the classic and epic servers, the Conclave is open to all. In NaDoH (a few era's later), The Conclave has become a secretive organisation which is frowned upon by quite some nordock citizens.

" The Conclave "

We shall have 2 Arch Mages, 1 representing Wizadry, and 1 Sorcery.

4 Spellmasters, 2 Representing Sorcery and 2 Representing Wizardry.

Rest of the guild members will be Acolytes and Adepts.

When a council is called for:
When decissions within the guild needs to be taken, they will be voted upon democraticly.
The 2 Arch Mages will have 10 Mandates each.
A spellmaster posses 3 mandates, an Acolyte posesses 1 mandate and Adepts has none.
In the case of a tie, the side with most guild members supporting will win.


Arch mages:

The Arch Mage represents all casters of those in his class, an arch mage must possess excessive knowledge of the arcane as he will be the guide and loremaster.


Spellmasters are "the right hand" of thier arch mage, they will perform tasks and execute biddings for the arch mage. They will also work as the link between acolyte and arch mage. And should an arch mage choose to retire, he will pick one of his qualyfied spellmasters to take his place.


All casters of 20+ seasons.


All casters of 10-20 seasons.

Special Posistions.


1) Only Acolytes reached the level of 15 can apply for this posistion, He must council one of the two Spellmasters and the Arch Mage of his caster class. If he will allow this, then the Acolyte can become a Tutor.

2) A Tutor may only pick Adepts of his own class to become his apprentice

3) The Adept must agree to become the Tutor apprentice, and when/if the Adept becomes an Acolyte he can no longer be the apprentice of the Tutor.

Allingment and spell schools are not an issue for any positions in the guild.
Not all Acolytes will have to be apprentices of a Spellmaster.
All apprenticeships will have to be allowed by the Archmage of the regarding class. (Sorcerer if the apprentice is a sorcerer or bard and Wizard if the apprentice is a Wizard).
Palemaster and bard levels will be calculated as ½ level of Wizard, regarding qulifycations for different posistions.

Dresscode (For guild interaction, meetings ect.)
Colors of The Conclave are Red & Black

Adepts are bound to use: No Robe
Acolytes are bound to use: Casual Robe
Spellmasters are bound to use: Sleeveless Wizard Robe
Archmages are bound to use: Wizard Robe
(If you do not own HotU you cannot add robes, but it is possible to have others add one for you.)

Underdark -

Errdegahr - First House

Nulefnein - Second House

Kel'tahk'Z'ress - Third House

Qos'Z'hin - Fourth House

Olonrae - Fifth House

Le'Tent - Sixth House

Miz'rylnn - Seventh House

Ornrivvin - Eigth House

Dalael - Ninth House

Pindanon - Tenth House

Vel'd'olst - Eleventh House

---------- - twelfth house

--------- - thirteenth house

Bregan Daerthe - Outcast mercenary drow group who follow deity other than Lolth (usually Vhaerun)

The chaos of our dark realm, have rendered many among us homeless. We are the Bregan D’aerthe of Nordock. We offer to all of you a home within our ranks (provided that you don’t mind hardcore Rping, and some other criteria that will be discussed in character). As is we are a powerful and silent force that serves the interests of the Dark houses of Lloth, for a fee of course. Currently our ranks are home to the strongest of the underdark warriors.

Besides a share in the wealth, we provide the safe haven and guidance to the less seasoned, and a vast rank that will gladly join you in your hunt for srow (scum), and power.
Be it known that all warriors, faern, clergy, and otherwise are welcome to apply to the company known as Bregan D'aerthe. Special consideration is given to all drow who once housed, now find themselves houseless and alone in the Underdark. Udos will welcome dosst application to join our ranks. Those of us that keep company here, do so for a variety of reasons, the top of which is, of course, the profit to be made. But there are many other reasons as well. Udos have many different ventures, and new avenues currently being explored.

All ranks are expected to contribute, participate, and prosper. All ranks CAN expect to be compensated for effort, raised if pulled into the abyss before dosst proper time, and the company of many abbils.

ooc> Heavy Role PLaying is not only encouraged, it is expected. If you find youself compelled to frequently send tells or ooc comments then Bregan is definately not for you. We have a reputation to uphold and a certain standard to meet not only for the ranking members, but for all those we encounter. What began as 3 people who enjoyed playing together has grown to be a large and prosperous family and we have no intention of allowing that to fail.

This unit is run as a miltary style unit, as well as ranked like a drow house. There is something of a chain of command, and when on missions or quests as a unit there are defined commanders and specific objectives. Trainees as well as ranking members are frequently given quests and tasks to perform in order to better keep all in tip top condition. Young trainees are personally trained by various individuals suited to specific ability.

Members are expected to recall that although you personally may not be a Lolth worshipper, we do live in a Lolth society and all members are expected to behave accordingly ESPECIALLY around potential or current clients. Remember.. we are many many strong with many allies and spies. Reports get submitted daily to ranking commanders on the exploits of those in the group. Anyone unable to accept these conditions need not apply for membership.

Mastery of the drow language, while fun is not required. Many members only know 4 or 5 words, and it isn't an issue. If you wish to learn the language there are links on this website to take you to several wonderful dictionaries and translators. Have a blast! What is required however is the honest desire to have quality often intense Role Playing. Some of us have been known to spend an entire several hour session without having once entered combat.

You create your character, you decide what stats, equipment, portraits, descriptions, feats, and spells you wish. All we ask is that you then play the character. If you're a priestess of Lolth, you better have a dang good reason to do a mission for a follower of vharuen. I can't think of any, but hey..